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Dr. Robert L. Eisenhart

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Designing microwave circuits and antennas with HFSS is the primary focus of my consulting service.  Experience with both electromagnetic theory and lab time on the bench provides a balanced perspective for an efficient path to problem solution.  About R.L.Eisenhart is included to provide a review of my microwave circuit design qualifications. 

My work is designing passive microwave circuits and antennas, primarily types that cannot be modeled with equivalent circuits such as waveguides, transmission lines, antennas etc.,  This effort is built around the use of the 3-D electromagnetics modeling software program called the High-Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS).  HFSS acts as a virtual laboratory, allowing computer aided design work without the need for hardware.  This computer aided design (CAD) capability for first pass designs, avoids the time and expense of multiple design-build-test-and repeat cycles.  Iterations and optimization are done directly, resulting in components that work as predicted with the first prototype.  If your need involves electromagnetic fields, there's a good chance it can be handled with HFSS.  Other examples are coax, stripline, microstrip, MEMS, or coplanar waveguide layouts, transmission line adapters, interconnects, coupling apertures, combiners/dividers, mode converters and all sorts of antenna elements and feed structures.  Experience in medical applications and diagnostic components for High Power Microwaves (Megawatts).  (See HFSS Circuit Designs for a listing of completed circuits)

I have been using HFSS since it first came out in the early 90's and have given many HFSS Presentations.  My unique combination of theoretical and hardware experience, coupled with the computer "virtual laboratory", positions me to respond quickly to a wide variety of requirements.  I can assure you the quickest and least expensive path to a solution for a 3-D electromagnetics design problem, as indicated by my many satisfied HFSS Clients.  References available.

I have also provided expert witness services (2) for successful patent litigation defense involving microwave power generation circuits and test equipment.

My computing CAD Facilities are up-to-date with the latest equipment and software.  Patents and Publications are included for your review.

Thank you for visiting . . .  I hope I can be of service.

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