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Transmission Line Conversion Circuits:
1.   Coax to rectangular waveguide (WG) - in line
2.   Coax to rectangular WG - orthogonal (approx. 20 different)
3.   Coax to circular WG TM01 mode
4.   Coax to circular WG TE11 mode
5.   Circular WG TM01 to circular WG TE11
6.   Circular WG TM01 to 4-way rectangular WG TE10
7.   Ridge WG to rectangular WG (slot coupling)
8.   Rectangular WG to rectangular WG (slot coupling)
9.   Circular WG TE11 to square WG TE10
10. Coax to microstrip, and coplanar WG
11. Microstrip to microstrip package feed-thru
12. Microstrip to rectangular WG - in line
13. Microstrip to rectangular WG - orthogonal
14. IC mounting configurations, parasitic modeling
15. Multi-layer substrate interconnects
Waveguide Circuits:
1.   H-plane power splitters (equal and unequal designs)
2.   H-plane bends
3.   E-plane power splitter
4.   E-plane bends
5.   Flat magic tee
6.   Ridge WG power splitters (equal and unequal designs)
7.   Moreno directional coupler
8.   Circular WG polarizers
9.   Impedance transformers
10. Vacuum windows (poker chip design)
11. Ortho Mode Transducers
High Power Circuits:
1.   Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) output
2.   Backward Wave Oscillator (BWO) output
3.   Rectangular WG polarizer
4.   Vacuum windows
5.   TWT simulation
Antenna Circuits:
1.   Large array scanning simulation (flared notch, slot radiators)
2.   Conical horn, & Corrugated horn
3.   Slot-fed & Turnstile dipoles
4.   Helix
5.   Broadwall slot radiation/impedance characterization
6.   Medical applications of microwave radiation
7.   Ridge waveguide wideband horns
8.   Log Periodic Array
9.   Cross dipoles
10. Slotted waveguide arrays
11. Wideband Quad-ridge Horns
12. Electronically Scanned Array Design,
      Rectangular and Triangular Arrays
Miscellaneous Microwave Circuits:
1.   Coax windows
2.   High-Q filter cavity characterization
3.   Rotary joints
4.   Rectangular WG full band tuner
5.   Custom designs for four different medical applications
6.   Characterization of all parasitic elements in multi-cavity filters
7.   MEMS switch design
8.   MEMS packaging characterization
9.   Frequency Selective Surface design

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